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One night I was talking to Dave Leigh & others in Artifiction. The topic of a top 10 "hottie" list came up, and we discussed who would be on our lists. I had a good idea of who would probably make my list, but had never actually typed one up. As I sat down to make a rough draft, names kept popping into my head, and I quickly ran out of places on my list. After I narrowed it down to 10, I decided that I might as well post the others I listed. Every now & then I'll add a few more to the list. I don't really expect anyone to keep up with this or to make this a regular project. Posting only 10 seems too...incomplete...and it would bug me to have it unfinished.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

#6 Kate Beckinsale

First time I saw Kate Beckinsale was in college when I took Theater 101. Thankfully this did not involve me performing in any way, but was just a course about the history of the theater. Aside from a lot of reading, we had to go review plays & watched a lot of movies together in class. One of the movies we watched was "Much Ado About Nothing". I can't say I had a crush on Kate, but I did think she was cute as hell. She's one of the women that each time I see her in a project I think she's more beautiful than the time before.

Watch It:
Much Ado About Nothing (1993)
Pearl Harbor (2001)
Serendipity (2001)
Underworld (2003)
Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Click (2006)
Vacancy (2007)
Underworld 4: New Dawn (2012) - assuming I'll like this :p

More Info: (Source)
- Born Kathryn Romany Beckinsale.
- Aged six, a school report found she had the reading age of an eleven-year-old and an IQ of 152.
- Was anorexic as a teenager.
- She did not like Physical Education at school. It was also her worst subject.
- Studied French and Russian literature while a student at Oxford.
- Won the prestigious WH Smith's Young Writers' competition for her poetry in 1986.
- Got the lead female role in Pearl Harbor (2001) after Charlize Theron pulled out.
- According to an interview she gave on the UK show "The Big Breakfast" (1992) (December 2001), she hates wearing knickers.
- Named #23 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.
- Ranked #21 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.

Kate Beckinsale Sings A Chanson
Making a music or dance connection in this entry was difficult. Only thing I could really dig up was this song from Marie-Louise ou la permission (1995). I probably won't be able to make a music or dance connection with each entry.

"I dropped out of Oxford, and now I only speak Russian with the woman who gives me a bikini-wax. See what Hollywood does to you?" - Kate
Feel free to post your own top 10 babes in the comments...or just complain about my picks.

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